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At ReliantEMS Corp, we specialize in advanced and efficient manufacturing, optimized production, cost-effective material sourcing, assembly and testing, diligent quality assurance, and more.
We pride ourselves in our versatility and dexterity; with a team of dedicated mechanical, industrial, electrical, and process engineers, we can deliver high quality craftsmanship with our wide range of capabilities.

Our industries

Medical Devices | Telecommunications | Mechanical Assemblies | Semiconductors | Scientific Instruments | Industrial Equipment | Defense

Featured Services and Solutions:

manufacturing services

Turnkey Manufacturing

High-mix Low-Volume Manufacturing

System Integration

Electromechanical Assembly

Procurement, Assembly, Quality, and Shipping 

Rework, RMA, and Installation Support

Robust Service Backbone

On-site Specialists

ReliantEMS Corp


Electronics and Plastics

PCB Fabrication and Assembly

3-D Printing

Diligent Contact and Communication Network

Dedicated Progress Reports and


New Product Development

Product Improvement and Upgrade

Product Cost Optimization

ReliantEMS Corp

Low-Overhead, Rapid Paced Completion

Expert Material Procurement

Custom OEM Products and Services

Make ReliantEMS your first and final destination for manufacturing your products

3D Printing

Modular Unit Rack

RF Enclosure

Firearm Cooling

Heated Lunch Box

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