Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing

At ReliantEMS Corp, we specialize in advanced and efficient manufacturing, optimized production, cost-effective material sourcing, assembly and testing, diligent quality assurance, and more.
We pride ourselves in our versatility and dexterity; with a team of dedicated mechanical, industrial, electrical, and process engineers, we can deliver high quality craftsmanship with our wide range of capabilities.

Our industries

Medical Devices | Telecommunications | Mechanical Assemblies

Featured Services and Solutions:

manufacturing services

Turnkey Manufacturing

High-mix Low-Volume Manufacturing

System Integration

Electromechanical Assembly

Procurement, Assembly, Quality, and Shipping 

Rework, RMA, and Installation Support

Robust Service Backbone

On-site Specialists

ReliantEMS Corp


Electronics and Plastics

PCB Fabrication and Assembly

3-D Printing

Diligent Contact and Communication Network

Dedicated Progress Reports and


New Product Development

Product Improvement and Upgrade

Product Cost Optimization

ReliantEMS Corp

Low-Overhead, Rapid Paced Completion

Expert Material Procurement

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